Album Pre-Production – Brooklyn, Baby!

Hi Friends! (Written Feb. 9th)


I’m writing you from a snowy Saturday morning here in Brooklyn. The winter storm “Nemo” rolled through last night and left Brooklyn fairly quiet this morning. Of course you can’t keep New York quiet for long – they had the streets plowed and the sidewalks shoveled in no time. Everyone might be moving a little slower today but they’re still up and at-em.


I arrived in New York on Wednesday and have been working with my good friend Nathan on arrangements and pre-production for the album since Thursday morning. Some of you may remember him from my previous two EPs – he co-produced and played on those!



I’m already so excited to share what we’ve been up to – and yet there’s still so much work ahead. It’s funny how some songs, even though you wrote them yourself, still seem to hide from you. Some of the tracks are exactly what I’ve imagined for them – and some of them have surprised me and found their way to be completely different, both in tone and instrumentation. But I’ve learned that the melody and lyrics lead you – and I’m so inspired by what is finding it’s way out.



It’s going to be a long but awesome process, and I hope you’ll all be along for the ride. 🙂


 (out in the snow in Brooklyn – taking a break from our work!)

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