Wrapping up 2010

If someone wrapped up 2010 and handed it to me as a gift it would have come in the shape of plane and bus tickets, gas, toll and recording receipts.

First of all, wrapping up the year wraps up my first year of marriage – it was a busy and wonderful year for us and I look forward to the next!

We started out the year in Pittsburgh celebrating the wedding of two wonderful people and close friends of ours. This included a reunion of sorts of my friends from college – it was an amazing way to ring in the new year. As you may or may not have noticed, I love love. And I love all of the people who have entered my life over the years (even the ones that can be a real pain 😉

The year continued with shows in PA and NJ and a LOT of editing for the music video, which I released in February! (Feb 27th)

Philly Rocks 2010 - World Cafe Live

Singing with Hilary at the Premiere

With actor Timothy Weinert, DoP Michael Leary and Director Jonathan Rola

Oh and of course, February brought…the snow…

"Snowed In" by Mary Scholz

In March I started with my bus tickets to NYC to work on pre-production for the new EP with Nathan Terry as well as the Cape May Singer/Songwriter Conference and Showcase.

"Avalon Sun" by Mary Scholz

In April I headed out west – first to Arizona for my first ever visit there – and how beautiful it was!! I was amazed by the scenery and loved every second of my three days there exploring and visiting with my cousin Heather!

"View from Solar Mountain" by Mary Scholz

Then I was off to LA for the ASCAP “I Create Music Expo” and my show in Venice Beach.

With country music performer/writer Phil Vassar at the ASCAP Expo (LOVE him!)

(To see all of the EXPO photos visit my facebook page.)

Photo by paul@f22photos.com

Photo by paul@f22photos.com

"Seagull Sun - Ventura, CA" by Mary Scholz

"I Love My Job - This is Me" by Mary Scholz

with "Office" star Kate Flannery (and actor/friend Johnnie Hobbs III)

In May and June I sang at the Camden Riversharks ball game as well as the National Underground (among other places), saw the Backstreet Boys, James Taylor and Carole King in concert and welcomed the first baby to our group of friends and our first niece to the family!

James Taylor and Carole King!

The summer meant shows in NJ, PA and NY a whole lot of back and forth to NY to work on pre-production – I was pretty sick of the bus and the metro by the end of the summer! But it was well worth it 🙂 It also meant a couple of vacations, some with family, some with friends and some just me and Nick. All great days. In the midst of all that I also did some filming for a couple of spec commercials and a pilot for a web series…busy busy summer! (Not to mention the Phillies games on both coasts, the Union and Eagles game we went to!)

"My World from Above" by Mary Scholz

"Palm Tree Sun" by Mary Scholz

"Rock On Radio" interview

In September I went into the studio to record the new EP! We drove out to Syracuse, NY to work at More Sound Studios…because it’s awesome there. (For more studio photos, visit my old blog!)

Then we recorded at Silvertone Studios and Turtle Studios…

Cellist Alfred James Goodrich

Turtle Studios

Celebrated my birthday, saw more Phillies games, filmed an Ursus Vodka commercial, went to Niagara Falls with Nick and back to Syracuse for mixing/mastering!

Ursus Vodka Commercial Shoot

"American Falls Sun" by Mary Scholz

In October I played at a fashion show and a number of other shows, then did the photo shoots for “Water Rising” !! In addition, I held my live album show, and recorded “Mary Scholz LIVE at the Blue Light Sessions” !! If you haven’t heard it or downloaded it yet, please do so by going HERE. All proceeds help fund “Water Rising!”

Photo by Denise Maggetti Nowak

Photo by Charles Kevin Mauer

Photo by Charles Kevin Mauer

Photo by Charles Kevin Mauer

Photo by Charles Kevin Mauer

By December the album was all put together and ready for release. I played at the Christmas Village at City Hall here in Philadelphia, had my cd release, had an NYC release show and did the Christmas Special on the Tim Qualls show!

Christmas Village - Photo by Jim Flemming

I got to wrap up my year just as I started it – celebrating the wedding of two wonderful friends. I was honored to get to play and sing at the ceremony – it was a wonderful way to end a busy year of music, love and friends.

I hope YOUR year was wonderful as well! Have a fun and SAFE New Years Eve and Day! Here we go 2011!

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