“Only In Your Heart” and America’s Gerry Beckley

Mary Scholz is to release a re-imagined version of the iconic America song Only In Your Heart, written by America co-founder Gerry Beckley. This folk/rock tune has been re-worked with Latin rhythms, Americana instrumentation, and Brazilian percussion, as a positive anthem about self-love and self-discovery. Released in coordination with Gerry Beckley’s upcoming best of record, Keeping The Light On: The Best of Gerry Beckley, it will be available as part of a bonus CD to his record.


This bonus record is called Watching the Time, which features female artists covering Beckley-penned America songs, and is being released on Blue Élan Records.


ONLY IN YOUR HEART – February 12, 2021


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Song Credits:

Written by Gerry Beckley
Additional lyrics Mary Scholz
Arranged and Produced by Zachary Ross
Released on Blue Élan Records
Mixed by Zackary Darling
Mastered by Mike Wells


Cooper Appelt – upright bass
Ty Bailie – piano / organ
Matt Musty – drums
Ben Peeler – weissenborn & dobro
Will Philips – Brazilian percussion (surdu, xuica, pandeiro, tamtam)
Zachary Ross – Acoustic & electric guitar, vocals & mouth percussion
Mary Scholz – Lead Vocals & harmonies
Ready to hear it?? Listen here:

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