Sojourn Benifit at The Talking Stick

On February 11th I played a benifit at The Talking Stick for the Sojourn Women and Children’s Shelter with ‘Nette Radio!

The following is a write-up from the shelter about the evening – all photos are by Mickey Yeh Photography!

“Sojourn is deeply grateful to Annette Conlon who pulled together a seriously healing evening of beautiful music on February 11, 2011 that featured brilliant artists Mary Scholz, Le-Ti, Patsy Moore, Stacy Robin, and The Conlons. The energy of the night was amazingly positive and supportive. The show was broadcast over Nette Radio and raised much needed funds for all of Sojourn’s programs, including our shelters for battered women and their children and our hotline.”

Thanks to Annette for having me, The Talking Stick for hosting the event, and Mickey for the photos!

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