The things you find…

So in all of the mess of moving I’ve done a lot of cleaning out – especially at my parents’ house where we will be storing a number of items that I won’t take across the country (THANKS MOM AND DAD!!)

Since our family moved at the very end of my senior year of high school  (when childhood items were all still of very strong necessity to me) and then I went off to college (when I left mostly everything behind) and then I brought home all of my college junk and left again…my room was teeming photos, papers, letters, notes and thousands of memories I didn’t realize I still had.

Some of it was hard, but lovely – photos of deceased relatives and loved ones. Cards I kept so I’d remember their handwriting. Some of it was fun, like notes my friends left on the windshield of my car for me to find after 8th period was over. Photos from school productions and dance recitals. A cassette tape of me singing Christmas Carols and my sister and I putting on a “radio show”…my cousins appearing on the show as guests. Totally awesome.

I also found this photo of my Dad teaching me how to change the strings on my guitar – check out our very little bitty kitty Misty watching intently in the bottom left corner 🙂

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