BV Show, 10! Show…

Is it possible that I didn’t blog about all of the Bon Voyage festivities? Must have been all of that immediate moving…

WELL, the 10! Show was so much fun and the Bon Voyage show at the Tin Angel was incredible – I am so happy that so many of you made it out – we packed the house! Special thanks to my special guests – Hilary Scholz, Boy Wonder, Alfred James and Rory Donovan. Rather than chat about the details, how about I just show you a few photos and videos?

Green Room!

Look, Mom, I'm on TV!

Sound Check!

Show time! Singing with Boy Wonder

Singing with the sister 🙂

Performing with Alfred James

I’ll post photos with show attendees in a little bit!

I’ll post more videos soon too!

One thought on “BV Show, 10! Show…

  1. Mary I am so glad these are posted here I love it all but I am very happy to hear the duets with the boys again! The show was phenominal!

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