Under Water Shoot – “Water Rising” Behind the Scenes Part II!

Well, we had our day of underwater filming – and I do believe it was a success!


First of all, I should explain that the dreams I had that brought on the song I wrote that we are now turning into a music video ALSO brought about a bit of an issue for me when it comes to water. Usually that issue is only a problem in the ocean, but much to my surprise, when we started working under water in the pool for the shoot, I got a bit panicky! My crew and awesome fellow actor helped me through the work and I am really excited to see how everything turned out.


Special Thank You goes out to the Richardson Family for opening their home and heating their pool…and to Brian and Nima who spent so much of the windy December day in the water with me!

And of course thanks to my crew – Sarrahh, Nick, Chris and Eric!


Here is a video I put together as well as photos from the day! Obviously it’s a pool…but the end effect should be like swimming in the ocean…


Getting notes from Director of Photography Brian Alan Plummer

The incredibly dashing and fantastically talented Nima Dabestani!

Makeup by Sarrahh Blank 🙂

Out of the water and all warmed up…thank goodness!

Thanks to Eric Viale for the photos!

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