My Life Under the Covers: Explained

My Life Under the Covers Explained

By Mary Scholz


What IS the “My Life Under the Covers” project?


A few months ago I was putting together a book of cover songs to have available to me when I performed down at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. I was also compiling new covers to throw into sets at shows where the crowd seemed a little on the rowdy side, or where people had already heard the ones I love to play so much.
Then I got thinking about some of my all time favorite songs. Why had I never learned to play and perform those? I had always wanted to play the guitar and piano so that I could write all of the songs that were pent up inside of me, and so that when it came time to perform, I didn’t have to rely on anyone but myself to make it happen. But my desire to get my own music written down left me skipping what is usually everyone’s first step: learning to play the songs that made you love music in the first place.
But I didn’t want to just learn the songs. I wanted to learn about why they meant so much to me; to get to know myself a little better. And I wanted to share that with you;  so that you might get to know me a little better too.


So I decided that I was going to start a project – the My Life Under the Covers project.


Step One: Make a list. The list must consist of the songs that most seriously influenced or inspired me – either as a musician or a human being, struggling with the ongoing changes or life.


Step Two: Figure out why these songs meant so much to me. Why did they come to mind right away when thinking about the soundtrack of my life?


Step Three: Write it down.


Step Four: Make a simple, home recording of the song to attach to each individual song blog, and make it available as a free download to everyone reading.


Just a little piece of me, reaching out to a little piece of you.


I hope you enjoy.

(This project will also serve as a lead up to the release of the music video for “Hide,” which is where this photo comes from!)

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