Look UP

*written two weeks before posting – so by “today” I mean two weeks ago…*

The other night I went to the Phillies game at Dodgers Stadium with my good friend Kevin. It seems like every time we’re out I see someone I know, so he bet me that this time I wouldn’t. ┬áJust a few minutes later I looked up behind us in our section and all the way at the top was my sister’s friend from high school, as well as his brother, who I had gone to high school with and done a few shows with.

“How did you even see them??”
“I looked up!”
“Why would you look up?”
“Why wouldn’t I look up?”
A couple of months ago I had to move to a different apartment and one of the things I was sad to lose was being able to see palm trees from my windows. Especially first thing in the morning.
Well, this morning I walked out the side door and for the first time walking out that door, I finally looked UP.
Something shot through me just when I saw that tree. Not just hope for happiness and calm, but understanding of that everything you need is right there…if only you’d just LOOK UP.

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