Holy cow, 2014. What an insanely busy, wonderfully exhausting year you were.

Album release, spring tour, fall tour, music videos, Susan G Komen fundraisers, HMMA nominations, radio interviews, album reviews, magazine interviews…and 19,650 miles of driving to get there. I’m tired just thinking about it!

It wouldn’t have been the year it was without my amazing friends and family – each concert attendee, each album reviewer, each venue booker, each host in each city, my spring tour mate and adventure partner Sarah Ault (I love you, lady!), my publicist Jorey Blake, each musician that joined me on stage (Sean, Jaydon, Brandon, Chris, Demetri, Hilary, Erin, Sarah, Sara, Phoebe, Kyle, David, John, Harold, Kubby, Sander, Paul), Elyse for lending me her keyboard, road buddies Alexandra, Mike and Ian, each photographer, radio station, music video participant/editor/filmmaker/crew (Jason, Jordan, V, Jessica, Sean, Chelsea, Matt), car repair shop and everyone I met along the way. You are the people that make it possible for an indie musician like me to have a year like I did.

I am so grateful for you all.


Special thank you to everyone who watched and fed my kittens (Chelsea, Tommy, Sheridan, Sarah N, Sarah A, and most especially Kevin!!) and to Alexandra for sharing the huge drive and cat wrangling with me from sea to shining sea.



Western US tour, HMMAs

Well, tonight’s the night for “Bridges We Burn” at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards!

I just got back from a fantastic three week tour of the Western United States – covered 4,475.2 miles of our beautiful country, sang for folks at bars, restaurants, coffee houses, listening rooms, radio stations, and the fantastic Hard Rock Cafe(s). It was an honor to be a part of the Pinktober fundraisers for Susan G Komen both in Denver and Seattle.


Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows, and all of my wonderful venues and sound people for having me!

Up next is LA at Bar Lubitsch, then San Diego at Lestat’s West, then off to the east coast to sing at West Chester University! But tonight…I’ll be posting photos from the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. 🙂



POP Awards and ASCAP Expo

It was an exciting week for music last week here in Hollywood! Wednesday April 18th was the ASCAP Pop Awards at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel where the writers and performers of the last year’s top Pop songs were honored. I had the opportunity to work the event as an escort for the red carpet. Basically this meant that I would walk the red carpet with attendees and let the press know who was coming up.


My first trip down the red carpet was with Grammy Award Winning songwriter and performer Dan Wilson. Some of you might recognize him from his days as a member of the band Semisonic – and for writing their hit song, “Closing Time.” Most recently he won Grammys for co-writing and producing the song “Someone Like You” with/for Adele. Here is a link of his acoustic version of the song! I did get a little video of him singing it at the award ceremony but not a long enough clip to post myself.


In the forefront of this picture is Peter Frampton being interviewed, with Dan Wilson just behind him. Not two seconds after I took this photo Jane Fonda made her way down the carpet and I was standing between three insanely talented and successful individuals. I loved that moment 🙂

Here is the beautiful Katy Perry walking the red carpet! Her song “Firework” was honored that night.

The Expo itself was filled with great panel discussions on songwriting, music as a business, marketing, touring and more. Some of the highlights for me was getting to hear Carly Simon speak (she received the lifetime achievement awards at the Pop Awards), bumping in to Eric Bazillion and watching The Smeezingtons (Bruno Mars, Phillip Lawrence and Ari Levine) entertain the crowd of songwriters and artists. Here is a small clip of those shenanigans 🙂


But my FAVORITE part as always is hearing from the songwriters behind the hits – people whose names or faces you might not recognize but whose work is the soundtrack of your life. People like Sam Hollander (Train’s “Marry Me”, Toby Gad (Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”), Brian Kennady (Kelly Clarkson’s “Mr. Know It All”), JT Harding (Kenny Chesney’s “Somewhere With You”), Chris DiStefano (Jana Kramer’s “Why You Wanna”) and so many more.
As usual, it was an inspiring and insightful three days and I am so glad to have been a part of it! Thank you so much to ASCAP for always providing their members with excellent resources for furthering our careers!


(Read up on what ASCAP is doing to help secure copyright and intellectual property laws for creators and songwriters like myself!)

This is a photo of me and my good friend Tiffany Gilman on the red carpet last Wednesday. Such a fun event! Thanks to Bobbi Marcus PR for having me!

This last photo is me with two awesome songwriters and friends of mine, Jill Krachmer and Elyse Haren. We realized it had been exactly one year since we met and became friends (at last year’s Expo) so we cheesed up the photo a bit. But hey, it was a big deal for me meeting fabulous women who would become a few of my best friends in my new home!

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Expo week in Hollywood – I’ll be checking in again soon!

Grammy Week 2012!

Well, Grammy week 2012 has come and gone and left me completely exhausted! As you can guess it’s a big week in music here in LA – tons of networking events that have you dressing up, running around and meeting a million people. I kind of loved it 🙂


Here are a few photos from the week! I had the opportunity to attend the Planet LA/ VH1 Save the Music Foundation Pre-Grammy Party on Thursday, the Renaissance/HMMA Pre-Party Saturday and the Rolling Stone After Party on Sunday!


As for the actual award ceremony, I’m making my way there, I’m making my way…


Loved all of Adele’s wins – she is amazingly talented and her album is equally amazing.

SO sad about Whitney Houston… she is a musical icon and I will always associate her and a couple of other beautiful women singers with the beginning of my love of song. I’ll get into that in another blog…




Rolling Stone Grammy After Party!

2011 … What a Busy Year You Were…

Well well well… another year gone by… (insert comment about how time flies here)

One day until 2012 – I’ve got myself a little year end cold so I’m hoping to wrap that up along with the end of this year!

It’s been big year for me as you know – relocating to Los Angeles, the HMMA nomination, music videos and other fun stuff.

Do you mind if I jump around a bit? I thought it might be more fun than going in chronological order…I promise to follow some kind of order, but let’s do some jumping first, shall we?

In August I had the opportunity to act in a music video for Disney/Pop star Drew Seeley – it was a blast! (You may know him from High School Musical, Another Cinderella Story and other fun flicks.)

Here’s a photo with Drew, the cast and crew and the final product!

Also in August (and September) I did some background work for CSI: NY, CSI: Miami and Good Christian Bells.


A few of the people I had the pleasure of meeting along the way or working with…



Some show pics from the year…

I started out the year on the road – in the snow – on a southern tour. The snow literally followed me the whole way down through Nashville and Atlanta, where they had a record breaking ice storm. Getting to Louisville was a challenge – apparently they don’t salt the roads in Cincinnati and truthfully, after driving through blustery snow for a while it starts to look like a scene from Star Wars. Since I was going south I didn’t bother to pack my snow boots – foolish – but my cowboy boots really lived up to the job!

Nashville was awesome – I met some incredibly talented musicians and look forward to returning there sometime soon to do some writing!

In February I made my way out to Los Angeles for a two week stint of shows there and San Diego. Also to do a little apartment hunting 🙂

On April 14th I performed on NBC’s The 10! Show to promote my Bon Voyage Show at the Tin Angel which was held that same night. That show’s turnout was incredible – one of my favorite performances to date for sure. Thank you to everyone who was there!

I went out to LA one more time again before making the move (literally a week later) – it was my second time at the ASCAP Expo and I thoroughly recommend it for indie artists looking to network and learn about the business of their craft.

A week later was the big road trip (find that blog and photos HERE)

Since living on the west coast I’ve had the opportunity to explore my hobby of photography a bit – I posted a few blogs about that as well, which you can find HERE and HERE….

Here’s a little look at it…

While back home in September I wrapped up filming for the Hide Music Video – final product coming soon 🙂 It was awesome working with Jonathan and Mike again.

I have absolutely loved living in Los Angeles and getting to know the area and the artists who live there. I’ve been writing with other songwriters (songs like THIS ONE!)

It hasn’t all been work and no play though – I have loved having visitors and doing fun things like taking a road trip to San Francisco, seeing the Phillies beat the Dodgers (sorry Dodger fans), hiking the Hollywood Hills and taking tours of Hollywood!

November brought filming for the Water Rising Music Video as well as the Hollywood Music and Media Awards. Both were excellent experiences – if you click on those links you can see the blogs about those as well! Getting to walk the red carpet for the first time as a nominee was really special and fun. 

I rounded out the year back in Philly for a show at World Cafe Live and for holidays with my family. It certainly has been a whirlwind year and I am so happy to get to share it with you all! Thank you always for your support and encouragement – here is to another year of grand adventures in 2012!!

2011 Hollywood Music and Media Awards

Well, it came and went already – how fast is this year going?!


Last Thursday was the 2011 Hollywood Music and Media Awards. I had the privilege of being nominated in the category of Adult Contemporary for my song “Tennessee” and had a blast walking the red carpet for the first time as an award nominee!

I didn’t win but it was awesome just to be nominated and get to participate in the event. Here are a few photos and a video from the evening! Enjoy!

With Adam Gaynor of Matchbox 20

Updated 12/1/11: This interview was just posted  from RunHollywood.com … !