A Mournful Noise

When I wrote “A Mournful Noise” in 2012, I was writing to find the vibe I wanted for my album.

I was writing an emotion without words.
I had moved in with my best friend and was going through my divorce.
I was feeling hopeful about new beginnings, but was overcome with sadness about what had passed.
I was alone.
I didn’t have much fancy equipment.
I set up my computer and microphone in my living room and recorded guitar and vocals.

I tried to re-create in the studio then for the intro to the record, but it didn’t sound the same.

And so I decided to use the original demo. It’s raw, simple, and meant to set the tone.
The tone of the song comes back in to play for “One More Day,” and it’s rawness is reflected in “Walk Away,” which is not even a demo – just a steam-of-conscience song I wrote while sitting in my nearly-empty-apartment upon moving to Los Angeles.

The video for “A Mournful Noise” is simply meant to convey the same feelings.
Waiting. Wondering. Mourning. Sitting in solitude.
The moments before you choose.
The moments after when you know what comes with the choice.


It was filmed in a similar manner to that which it was recorded.
While on tour this summer, I had a day off in St. Louis.
I decided to take some test shots in the beautiful home I was staying in.
I didn’t have any fancy equipment or any crew members.
I didn’t wear any makeup, I didn’t asses how I looked.
I had just woken up and worked out and was sweaty and road weary.
I was alone.
I was tired.
I had been in so many cities in various countries, in homes that weren’t my own.
I was happy in my travels and music making, but was ready to feel at home.

I liked the test shots. They were simple. It was raw. The backlight was beautiful.

So here it is. Just a feeling.

“Beautiful, Tortured Mess”

So last summer my good friend Brian Alan shot this acoustic video for my song “Beautiful, Tortured Mess” – and now it’s time you see it 🙂


I’ve been in the studio for the last month working on the album, this song included, and it’s sounding AWESOME.

The audio for this video was recorded with Brandon Slavinski at Red Letterbox Productions – where, coincidentally (not really), I am finishing up the album 🙂



Christmas – Coming Home, “Naughty or Nice,” and fan submitted photos

Well it’s been a busy few weeks! But let’s start with this: I am SO excited to get back home to Philadelphia for Christmas!


I know a lot of people who are far from home most of the year and are excited to be traveling back to their families and where they grew up over the holidays…so this song is for all of the gypsies headed home, and all of the amazing people that I can’t wait to hug! I put together this acoustic version of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” as my gift to you, so make sure to download it (free) and add it to your holiday playlist!

I also put together a little video to go with the song, so if you are interested to see how the Scholz’s celebrate Christmas, here’s a little taste. Plus you get to see me recording the song as well 🙂

“Naughty or Nice”


Who caught “Naughty or Nice” on the Hallmark Channel? It’s original air date was November 24th but it will be airing all holiday season, so if you missed it, check your local listings to see when it’s back!


According to their numbers, “Naughty or Nice” was the highest rated movie of the year for Hallmark – so I’m pretty excited to have been a part of that!

My first time watching was at the same time as all of you (west coasters) so I got some friends together and cozied up with milk and cookies (chocolate chip, of course) to kick off the holiday season.


Fan Submitted Photos:


Thank you to everyone who sent in photos – both of me on their tvs or them with me on their tvs!

Here are some of my favorites!

Anna and Lucas – some of my smallest and most adorable fans!

I’m on the big screen in Hermosa Beach! Thanks to Matt and Bryan for sending this one in!

Jimmy, Mary and Hilarie…and a Christmas tree!

My Mama and the Movie Poster!

For more photo fun, check out www.facebook.com/maryscholzmusic

Busy Bee…Music Videos, Filming,

It’s April already? We’re knee deep in editing for the “Water Rising” music video and “Hide” is almost ready for your viewing pleasure as well!! Here’s a couple of screen shots…


In case you didn’t catch it (which you probably didn’t because I didn’t really tell anyone about it…) here is a screen shot of me in 90210 – it was the music festival episode and you can see me walking around a few times as well as right behind the main characters here…

I’ve also been a busy bee working on “Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie” on the production end, doing some location scouting, extras casting and Assistant to the Directors on set. I’ll also be working as an actor for the film closer to the end of the shoot. I love working with this crew – it’s been a great experience! I’ll post more photos as the shoot goes on.

So I’m keeping busy!

On  a more personal note, I’m endlessly enjoying the beautiful weather and hiking that Los Angeles has to offer…here’s a shot from a hike I took to the Hollywood sign on Easter Sunday!


 I hope all is well with you – Happy Spring!!


2011 … What a Busy Year You Were…

Well well well… another year gone by… (insert comment about how time flies here)

One day until 2012 – I’ve got myself a little year end cold so I’m hoping to wrap that up along with the end of this year!

It’s been big year for me as you know – relocating to Los Angeles, the HMMA nomination, music videos and other fun stuff.

Do you mind if I jump around a bit? I thought it might be more fun than going in chronological order…I promise to follow some kind of order, but let’s do some jumping first, shall we?

In August I had the opportunity to act in a music video for Disney/Pop star Drew Seeley – it was a blast! (You may know him from High School Musical, Another Cinderella Story and other fun flicks.)

Here’s a photo with Drew, the cast and crew and the final product!

Also in August (and September) I did some background work for CSI: NY, CSI: Miami and Good Christian Bells.


A few of the people I had the pleasure of meeting along the way or working with…



Some show pics from the year…

I started out the year on the road – in the snow – on a southern tour. The snow literally followed me the whole way down through Nashville and Atlanta, where they had a record breaking ice storm. Getting to Louisville was a challenge – apparently they don’t salt the roads in Cincinnati and truthfully, after driving through blustery snow for a while it starts to look like a scene from Star Wars. Since I was going south I didn’t bother to pack my snow boots – foolish – but my cowboy boots really lived up to the job!

Nashville was awesome – I met some incredibly talented musicians and look forward to returning there sometime soon to do some writing!

In February I made my way out to Los Angeles for a two week stint of shows there and San Diego. Also to do a little apartment hunting 🙂

On April 14th I performed on NBC’s The 10! Show to promote my Bon Voyage Show at the Tin Angel which was held that same night. That show’s turnout was incredible – one of my favorite performances to date for sure. Thank you to everyone who was there!

I went out to LA one more time again before making the move (literally a week later) – it was my second time at the ASCAP Expo and I thoroughly recommend it for indie artists looking to network and learn about the business of their craft.

A week later was the big road trip (find that blog and photos HERE)

Since living on the west coast I’ve had the opportunity to explore my hobby of photography a bit – I posted a few blogs about that as well, which you can find HERE and HERE….

Here’s a little look at it…

While back home in September I wrapped up filming for the Hide Music Video – final product coming soon 🙂 It was awesome working with Jonathan and Mike again.

I have absolutely loved living in Los Angeles and getting to know the area and the artists who live there. I’ve been writing with other songwriters (songs like THIS ONE!)

It hasn’t all been work and no play though – I have loved having visitors and doing fun things like taking a road trip to San Francisco, seeing the Phillies beat the Dodgers (sorry Dodger fans), hiking the Hollywood Hills and taking tours of Hollywood!

November brought filming for the Water Rising Music Video as well as the Hollywood Music and Media Awards. Both were excellent experiences – if you click on those links you can see the blogs about those as well! Getting to walk the red carpet for the first time as a nominee was really special and fun. 

I rounded out the year back in Philly for a show at World Cafe Live and for holidays with my family. It certainly has been a whirlwind year and I am so happy to get to share it with you all! Thank you always for your support and encouragement – here is to another year of grand adventures in 2012!!

‘Hide’ – Video Shoot Day 2

So while I was back east for my birthday and my amazing photographer’s wedding, we did the second day of shooting for the “Hide” music video!

These scenes involve the forrest and me barefoot in a long dress – I loved every minute of it. Even if the ground was muddy and there were rocks everywhere 🙂

Jonathan Rola is back directing this video with Michael Leary as Director of Photography. I love working with that team. This shoot we also had Sam there helping out and lending me a hand any time I needed help getting down a slippery slope – or throwing me over his shoulder to lift me down from a dangerous ledge!

We filmed off of Forbidden Drive in Wissahickon Valley Park – it was beautifully overcast with occasional rays of sunshine – so basically perfect for the look we were hoping to achieve.

Here are some photos from the day! (Click on the word “Hide” to listen to the song!)

4:47am – Ugly Things

It’s 4:47am – I’ve been up since 12:47am, so exactly four hours since I walked into “I can’t sleep” town. It’s very quiet here.

I’ve been kicking around on my computer, hoping it would tire out my eyes and I would go back to sleep, but I think it’s just waking me up.

There’s a buzzing here – grasshoppers or some sort of summery sound. Also someone’s air conditioner which is bizarre because it’s so cool outside.  The moon showed up in my back yard which is funny to see because it was in the front yard before I went to bed.  That was a short lived event.

I’ve been looking through photos of actors and musicians on their websites and facebook pages. Mine included. There is this re-occuring theme of “look at the most beautiful photos of me.” Poised, graceful, intriguing, beautiful. I love posting photos like these. But the more I’m looking at all of these beautiful people the more I’m realizing that we’re forgetting to share in the fact that we all have not-so-beautiful moments.  Not beautiful by our standards, anyway. We want to show that our lives are wonderful and that we feel grateful and blessed for all that we have. And it is true for me – I feel grateful and blessed for all that I have in my wonderful life.  But that doesn’t mean that life isn’t hard sometimes.  Sometimes it’s downright ugly. Sometimes we don’t feel beautiful. Sometimes I’m afraid that if I write a song that doesn’t show off how beautiful my life is, you will judge me as being ungrateful for all that I have.

But then I remember that you have those days too.  Days that make you sad, angry, confused, afraid.  But know that those things are not ugly.  They do not make you ugly.  They tie us together. It is what is special about being a songwriter. Yes, I have to promote my work with photos that make listening appealing…but the heart of it is the music that hopefully makes us connect to each other. We need that most when we are sad.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, on the days when you don’t think you’re beautiful, just remember that I do.

(I do think you’re beautiful, that is.)

Moon over my back yard, 4:47am

June and July…

Well well well…what a busy July it’s been! I hope you all had a chance to read up on my cross country trip! As I was getting settled in LA I wanted to give myself some time to actually have something to blog about besides “I unpacked some boxes today” and “I bought new towels for the bathroom!”

I in fact did those things and a lot more of the same type of “getting settled” activities. I’ve also been going to see a lot of great musicians perform and getting to know some of the town’s fabulously talented singer/songwriters. My time has also been filled with songwriting sessions, audition workshops and networking events. Making myself busy busy busy!

At the beginning of July I flew home to be there for one of my best friends as she got married (what a BEAUTIFUL bride she was!) and then back to Cali for a gig at Pi on Sunset and some background work for CSI: NY.

Here are a few pictures from my more recent adventures!

Driving through Downtown LA

Volunteering for the NOH8 Campaign

At Paramount Studios to film Episode 1 of the new season of “CSI: NY”

Show at “Pi on Susnet”

Filming Episode 2 of this season’s “CSI: Miami”

So I guess it’s time to say “Happy August!” I can’t believe the summer is flying by! (Don’t we say that every year?) I will let you know when those episodes of CSI air…and I’ll post photos from the set of “Good Christian Belles,” which I’ll be on tomorrow!

Have a great week!