Hello, Love.

I’m currently sitting at a table on the sidewalk, outside of a coffee shop by the beach.
Hello, Love. Hello, California.

I knew how much I loved it here, and I knew I missed it badly, but it sure is reinforcement to come home and feel a rush of relief.

The past 8 months were amazing. I spent time with my family. I was there for my nephew’s first birthday. I saw my best friends from forever. I sang to college kids around the tri-state area. I flew to Europe. I played shows and saw amazing architecture and stayed with old friends I hardly knew and learned that I love, I met new folks and made new friends. I played in three countries new to Mary Scholz Music. I spent a time recording in London. I wrote every day. I drank lots of coffee and espressos. I ate baguettes and brown bread. I had yet another (but my first overseas) solo adventure. I spent Easter at Notre Dame with a woman I met in front of Buckingham Palace the week prior and became instantly friends with. I took trains and buses and metros and taxis. I ate crepes and biscuits. I slept on couches and in hotel rooms and at bed and breakfasts and in hostels. I carried my guitar and that giant suitcase and witnessed the kindness of strangers every time I reached a metro platform that only had a ridiculous set of stairs. I witnessed the darkness of strangers in harassment and heckling. But mostly, I witnessed the kindness. (That blog is coming)

I flew back to Philly and I was grateful for my time overseas, and grateful to go sleep at my parents’ home. I was there when one of my best friends had her third daughter.

I packed up my car. I drove from city to city, playing shows, being chased by the rain. Everywhere. I stayed with cousins and friends-of-friends and family-of-friends and perfect strangers and my closest friends from college. I camped and hiked and sang and danced. I slept on couches and futons and in spare rooms and tents and bed and breakfasts. I survived/loved fun shenanigans with Sarah, when our tours (purposefully) crossed paths and merged into one in the 5th week. I warded off anxiety attacks about being gone for so long and not having my own home base. I met so many wonderful people and shared stories and listened to their dream travel destinations. I drove 12 hour days and 10 hour days and played shows after them and pretended like I wasn’t exhausted. I loved everywhere that I was while I was there.


I nearly ended up in that fire on the 15S, but I didn’t. I got home.

I haven’t been able to write much since my arrival – I think I’m just in a general state of relief and exhaustion. It’s the first time in YEARS that I don’t have the next 6-10 months planned out in full. (Don’t worry, I’ve got a few things planned – it’s just impossible to have an open calendar if you’re this gal) *side note, I’ve started a new song since starting this blog*

My main point is this – I am so grateful to every individual I have met and come to know in some way over the past 8 months. You’re beautiful. All of you. Thank you for sharing your homes, literal and figurative, with me. And Los Angeles – thank you for catching me when I landed.
It would never be what it is without the wonderful souls I meet, or the wonderful souls holding down the home front for me.

I’m going to go sit on the beach now.


Holy cow, 2014. What an insanely busy, wonderfully exhausting year you were.

Album release, spring tour, fall tour, music videos, Susan G Komen fundraisers, HMMA nominations, radio interviews, album reviews, magazine interviews…and 19,650 miles of driving to get there. I’m tired just thinking about it!

It wouldn’t have been the year it was without my amazing friends and family – each concert attendee, each album reviewer, each venue booker, each host in each city, my spring tour mate and adventure partner Sarah Ault (I love you, lady!), my publicist Jorey Blake, each musician that joined me on stage (Sean, Jaydon, Brandon, Chris, Demetri, Hilary, Erin, Sarah, Sara, Phoebe, Kyle, David, John, Harold, Kubby, Sander, Paul), Elyse for lending me her keyboard, road buddies Alexandra, Mike and Ian, each photographer, radio station, music video participant/editor/filmmaker/crew (Jason, Jordan, V, Jessica, Sean, Chelsea, Matt), car repair shop and everyone I met along the way. You are the people that make it possible for an indie musician like me to have a year like I did.

I am so grateful for you all.


Special thank you to everyone who watched and fed my kittens (Chelsea, Tommy, Sheridan, Sarah N, Sarah A, and most especially Kevin!!) and to Alexandra for sharing the huge drive and cat wrangling with me from sea to shining sea.



Tour – day 16

Have I really not posted since the album cover reveal? That would mean I posted nothing after the album release or release show – which was an amazing night.


The album was released February 18th, with a show at Bar Lubitsch on the 22nd (of course) It was a packed house and such an amazing night! My current tour mate Sarah Ault opened up the night and I had so many great musicians join me onstage for my set – Chris Thomas, Brandon Slavinski, Sean Keegan, Demetri Evdoxiadis, John Clinebell, David Sparrow and Jaydon Bean. 

Photo by Gianni Neiveller


Okay, so on March 7th Sarah and I packed up my little Mazda 3 hatchback for 3 months of driving around the country. We’re 16 days and 6 shows in and it has been a wonderful whirlwind. If you asked us what day of the week it is or what city we’re in, we might not be able to tell you. Thank goodness for calendars, phones and road signs.

I CAN tell you that it’s March 22d and we are sitting at my best friend’s kitchen table in Atlanta – we arrived last night after a packed two days in Orlando (we hit all four Disney parks in one day, then played a show the next), which was a follow up to New Orleans, Austin (SXSW), Phoenix and San Diego.


San Diego started with a Chris Trapper early show, then ours.  It was a wonderful night.

 Phoenix was the Hard Rock Cafe with a crazy great crowd. The sound went out before the last song so I got off stage and stood in the middle of the audience to close out the show – invited those sitting farther away to come closer and it got so quiet you could hear a pin drop. And me sing a quiet acoustic song through the venue. It was a bit like magic for me.

Austin and SXSW – that’s going to get it’s own post, I think. It was a crazy few days and the shows were great, but it definitely came with some mixed feelings after seeing that terrible accident. Musically, I got to do an impromptu set at Shakespeare’s Pub, then the schedued show at 219 West for the Hype/Hearo.fm showcase – it was a really excellent round and I had a great time.

New Orleans – Both Sarah and I were feeling under the weather so we were grateful for cloudy skies and a relaxed atmosphere. We ate some delicious food, listened to some wonderful music and slept while listening to the rain on the side of the house. Not too shabby. Our show was at Neutral Ground – the “oldest coffee shop in the south.” It was a really neat place with really enthusiastic listeners!  Sarah and I did this impromptu cover…


After a late show in NOLA we were up early for the ten hour drive to Orlando – five hours sleep and then fourteen hours in the parks at Disney! We had one day off and we made it count – hit all four parks in one day. Whew!

Okay more soon…. Love to all!

Christmas – Coming Home, “Naughty or Nice,” and fan submitted photos

Well it’s been a busy few weeks! But let’s start with this: I am SO excited to get back home to Philadelphia for Christmas!


I know a lot of people who are far from home most of the year and are excited to be traveling back to their families and where they grew up over the holidays…so this song is for all of the gypsies headed home, and all of the amazing people that I can’t wait to hug! I put together this acoustic version of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” as my gift to you, so make sure to download it (free) and add it to your holiday playlist!

I also put together a little video to go with the song, so if you are interested to see how the Scholz’s celebrate Christmas, here’s a little taste. Plus you get to see me recording the song as well 🙂

“Naughty or Nice”


Who caught “Naughty or Nice” on the Hallmark Channel? It’s original air date was November 24th but it will be airing all holiday season, so if you missed it, check your local listings to see when it’s back!


According to their numbers, “Naughty or Nice” was the highest rated movie of the year for Hallmark – so I’m pretty excited to have been a part of that!

My first time watching was at the same time as all of you (west coasters) so I got some friends together and cozied up with milk and cookies (chocolate chip, of course) to kick off the holiday season.


Fan Submitted Photos:


Thank you to everyone who sent in photos – both of me on their tvs or them with me on their tvs!

Here are some of my favorites!

Anna and Lucas – some of my smallest and most adorable fans!

I’m on the big screen in Hermosa Beach! Thanks to Matt and Bryan for sending this one in!

Jimmy, Mary and Hilarie…and a Christmas tree!

My Mama and the Movie Poster!

For more photo fun, check out www.facebook.com/maryscholzmusic

Busy Bee…Music Videos, Filming,

It’s April already? We’re knee deep in editing for the “Water Rising” music video and “Hide” is almost ready for your viewing pleasure as well!! Here’s a couple of screen shots…


In case you didn’t catch it (which you probably didn’t because I didn’t really tell anyone about it…) here is a screen shot of me in 90210 – it was the music festival episode and you can see me walking around a few times as well as right behind the main characters here…

I’ve also been a busy bee working on “Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie” on the production end, doing some location scouting, extras casting and Assistant to the Directors on set. I’ll also be working as an actor for the film closer to the end of the shoot. I love working with this crew – it’s been a great experience! I’ll post more photos as the shoot goes on.

So I’m keeping busy!

On  a more personal note, I’m endlessly enjoying the beautiful weather and hiking that Los Angeles has to offer…here’s a shot from a hike I took to the Hollywood sign on Easter Sunday!


 I hope all is well with you – Happy Spring!!


PSU – Hollywood Dance-A-THON

Wait wait, we’re 29 days into the new year and I haven’t posted yet?


Shameful! 🙂

Well if anything you know I’ve been busy.  But before I back track, let’s start with today!


Starting at 2pm I will be dancing as a part of Penn State Los Angeles Alumni’s Hollywood Dance-A-THON with my friend Matt, who is a PSU alum. What is THON, you ask? Great question. It’s like running a marathon for charity, but instead you raise money and promise to dance for hours and hours straight! This yearly event (with the main event hosted at PSU for a full 46 hours…we only dance 6 here in Hollywood) is a very familiar and important one to my family, as the fundraiser is to raise money for pediatric cancer research and awareness. As some of you may know, my family lost my beautiful six year old cousin Tyler to neuroblastoma in 1997. His sister, my cousin Megan, has been participating heavily in this event for years. This is the first year that I have had the opportunity to participate and I am so excited to do so.


To read more about this cause and to donate money, please visit THIS WEBSITE – I’m pushing all donations to Matt’s page!


It seems to have been a Penn State themed week for me – I think last night was the only day of the week that I didn’t see at least one PSU alum…I am not one myself (UArts baby!) but as it a big school for my family and a lot of my friends (not to mention the many many weekends I spent there in college), between THON, JoePa, football, crazy travel stories to get there and the giant margaritas at Mad Mex, there was a lot of blue and white chatter going on.


Penn Sate is usually known for all of those things – football, parties and post-party-pizza…but what it should be known for is the work it has done with the largest student run philanthropy in the world. They’ve raised over 78 Million dollars benefitting the Four Diamonds Fun at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.


I plan to live stream a little bit from the event on my phone if I have decent enough cell reception – we’ll be dancing from 2-8pm pacific and you can access my UStream page HERE.


Have a wonderful rest of your weekend everyone, and thank you in advance for your donations!


“When they say ‘We Are Penn State,’ this is what they are talking about.” – Joe Paterno


(For more info about THON and how to get involved, visit www.thon.org)

2011 … What a Busy Year You Were…

Well well well… another year gone by… (insert comment about how time flies here)

One day until 2012 – I’ve got myself a little year end cold so I’m hoping to wrap that up along with the end of this year!

It’s been big year for me as you know – relocating to Los Angeles, the HMMA nomination, music videos and other fun stuff.

Do you mind if I jump around a bit? I thought it might be more fun than going in chronological order…I promise to follow some kind of order, but let’s do some jumping first, shall we?

In August I had the opportunity to act in a music video for Disney/Pop star Drew Seeley – it was a blast! (You may know him from High School Musical, Another Cinderella Story and other fun flicks.)

Here’s a photo with Drew, the cast and crew and the final product!

Also in August (and September) I did some background work for CSI: NY, CSI: Miami and Good Christian Bells.


A few of the people I had the pleasure of meeting along the way or working with…



Some show pics from the year…

I started out the year on the road – in the snow – on a southern tour. The snow literally followed me the whole way down through Nashville and Atlanta, where they had a record breaking ice storm. Getting to Louisville was a challenge – apparently they don’t salt the roads in Cincinnati and truthfully, after driving through blustery snow for a while it starts to look like a scene from Star Wars. Since I was going south I didn’t bother to pack my snow boots – foolish – but my cowboy boots really lived up to the job!

Nashville was awesome – I met some incredibly talented musicians and look forward to returning there sometime soon to do some writing!

In February I made my way out to Los Angeles for a two week stint of shows there and San Diego. Also to do a little apartment hunting 🙂

On April 14th I performed on NBC’s The 10! Show to promote my Bon Voyage Show at the Tin Angel which was held that same night. That show’s turnout was incredible – one of my favorite performances to date for sure. Thank you to everyone who was there!

I went out to LA one more time again before making the move (literally a week later) – it was my second time at the ASCAP Expo and I thoroughly recommend it for indie artists looking to network and learn about the business of their craft.

A week later was the big road trip (find that blog and photos HERE)

Since living on the west coast I’ve had the opportunity to explore my hobby of photography a bit – I posted a few blogs about that as well, which you can find HERE and HERE….

Here’s a little look at it…

While back home in September I wrapped up filming for the Hide Music Video – final product coming soon 🙂 It was awesome working with Jonathan and Mike again.

I have absolutely loved living in Los Angeles and getting to know the area and the artists who live there. I’ve been writing with other songwriters (songs like THIS ONE!)

It hasn’t all been work and no play though – I have loved having visitors and doing fun things like taking a road trip to San Francisco, seeing the Phillies beat the Dodgers (sorry Dodger fans), hiking the Hollywood Hills and taking tours of Hollywood!

November brought filming for the Water Rising Music Video as well as the Hollywood Music and Media Awards. Both were excellent experiences – if you click on those links you can see the blogs about those as well! Getting to walk the red carpet for the first time as a nominee was really special and fun. 

I rounded out the year back in Philly for a show at World Cafe Live and for holidays with my family. It certainly has been a whirlwind year and I am so happy to get to share it with you all! Thank you always for your support and encouragement – here is to another year of grand adventures in 2012!!

Under Water Shoot – “Water Rising” Behind the Scenes Part II!

Well, we had our day of underwater filming – and I do believe it was a success!


First of all, I should explain that the dreams I had that brought on the song I wrote that we are now turning into a music video ALSO brought about a bit of an issue for me when it comes to water. Usually that issue is only a problem in the ocean, but much to my surprise, when we started working under water in the pool for the shoot, I got a bit panicky! My crew and awesome fellow actor helped me through the work and I am really excited to see how everything turned out.


Special Thank You goes out to the Richardson Family for opening their home and heating their pool…and to Brian and Nima who spent so much of the windy December day in the water with me!

And of course thanks to my crew – Sarrahh, Nick, Chris and Eric!


Here is a video I put together as well as photos from the day! Obviously it’s a pool…but the end effect should be like swimming in the ocean…


Getting notes from Director of Photography Brian Alan Plummer

The incredibly dashing and fantastically talented Nima Dabestani!

Makeup by Sarrahh Blank 🙂

Out of the water and all warmed up…thank goodness!

Thanks to Eric Viale for the photos!

Surfin’ USA

I know I’ve mentioned a few times before that a love of mine has always been taking pictures. It started when I was young and I most definitely got the bug from my Mom, who always had a camera in her hand while we were growing up. (And still now, as it seems we will always be growing up.) In high school I earned the nickname “Kodak” from my friends – and while they complained, everyone knew they could come to me for pictures from fun events.

The older I get and the more I travel the more my enjoyment in the art of photography grows. I love to capture people’s expressions during unforgettable moments, as well as the beauty of the nature around us. We get so used to our day-to-day surroundings that we forget to see The Beauty of it All.

Through the generosity of a wonderful friend of mine, I’ve been able to take photos of my beautiful new surroundings and would love to share those pictures with you.  I plan to post more photography more frequently, so I hope you enjoy!

Surfin’ USA:

“If everybody had an ocean

Across the USA

Then everybody’s be surfin

Like Californ-I-A…”

Last week I headed out to Venice Beach with my friend Mike and his surfboard – it was just about 5pm when we got there – my favorite time to start shooting the sun. These are some of the highlights of the shoot! (We’ll start with my personal favorite)

“Surfer Sun”

“Chinook Surfer Sun”

I found this photo particularly exciting because I hadn’t yet seen the two Chinook helicopters that were about to fly by.  I just caught this one as it made it’s way past the sun. Nick used to work on the Chinook program at Boeing so it was a fun thing to see.

These are my favorite shots from the day – I hope you enjoyed this trip to the beach!

Next up for the photo blog will be Laguna Beach and San Francisco/Napa Valley.

(Special thanks to my Surfer Subject!)

Cross Country Road Trip!

It’s finally here – the Cross Country Road Trip blog!

It took us eight days and 3,356.o miles to get from Philadelphia to Los Angeles – and it was worth every hour of the drive.

Nick and I packed up the car and left on Wednesday May 11th (after several re-packs – I was not able to cram as much as hoped into my little Mazda 3…but we certainly managed to get a lot in there!)

Our first few days of driving were mainly just that – driving. We stayed the first night in Columbus, Ohio, and made our way through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri on Thursday. During that time we found Lincoln’s Log Cabin in Illinois! It was a bit off the beaten path – literally – we drove on a lot of dirt roads to get there, but it was a pretty neat find.

After the Log Cabin we made our way through Missouri and stopped in Saint Louis to see the Arch – it looked beautiful in the city’s night skyline!

We stayed in Springfield, Missouri and made our way through Joplin and on to Oklahoma and Texas the next day.  I am so grateful that we left for our trip when we did – hearing about all of the devastation in many of the towns we passed through I am just…grateful. Two people in a little car would certainly have not been a match for a tornado. Thoughts and prayers to everyone struggling to recuperate from the storms.

On Saturday the 14th we woke up in Amarillo, Texas and made our way out to the Cadillac Ranch. We were unaware that the tradition is to bring a can of spray paint and tag the cars – so after taking photos for another couple with their creation, they gave us what was left of their cans and we went to town! Well, I wrote a very lame looking “M+N” and then Nick proceeded to write “MaryScholz.com” on the roof of one of the Cadillacs. After that he realized that there were just enough cars to spell out my name – so each car’s side got a letter…and then he realized that there were enough cars for HIS name too…so if you walked 360 around the cars, the spelled out N-I-C-K #-$-^-%-@-* <3’s M-A-R-Y S-C-H-O-L-Z

🙂 So much fun.

Once Nick’s hands were sufficiently painted silver we made our way to Old Town Albuquerque for lunch, then Santa Fe for dinner. I made sure to blast one of my favorite songs over the stereo as we made our way with Santa Fe in the distance.

“When I dream on my own, I’m alone, but I ain’t lonely. For a dreamer night’s the only time of day. When the city’s finally sleeping and my thoughts begin to stray, then I’m on the train that’s bound for Santa Fe. And I’m free, like the wind, like I’m gunna live forever. It’s a feeling time can never take away. All I need’s a few more dollars, then I’m out of here to stay. Dreams come true, yes they do, in Santa Fe…” (If you haven’t seen the movie “the Newsies”…you should. If you love Disney or Christian Bale…)

We spent Sunday walking around Santa Fe and then made our way into Arizona and through the Petrified National Forest. It was one of our “what’s that off in the distance?” finds. We had under an  hour to drive through the 28 miles of Painted Desert – so we didn’t get to see everything – but what we DID see was BEAUTIFUL.

The next morning we woke up in Flagstaff and made our way to the Grand Canyon for the day. We stopped along the way to see the little canyon (the name I can’t recall) which was a crazy sight to us. Until we got to GC. It is not only incredibly beautiful and humbling – but incredibly terrifying! You can walk right up to the edge to take photos – which we did – but on a day like the 16th of May, when the winds are near 40 miles per hour…you start to feel a little sick being that near a drop off. We survived, of course. Even went on a little hike, but obeyed the signs that warned against going too far as the walk back up takes 3 times as long.

Flagstaff was the only town we spent two nights in. We were so exhausted from the wind and walking and driving – I was so happy when we pulled out of the Grand Canyon National Park to see a big ole’ western theamed steak house – we didn’t have to go far for dinner.

Tuesday we got up and drove about 30 miles back east to see the Meteor Crater. It was on our list for Sunday but we got distracted by the Petrified Forest 🙂

After seeing that giant hole in the ground, with even more wind, we headed to the Hoover Dam (awesome), then on to Las Vegas! We were afraid we wouldn’t make it to the Hoover Dam before sunset, but we pulled off the road anyway when we got to a “scenic overlook.” OH GOOD LORD – it was BEAUTIFUL. It was like looking at the live action version of the scenery in “The Land Before Time.” And “Jurrasic Park.” Nick and I kept seeing Jurrasic Park all over our trip.

These photos don’t even do it justice.

(Note the towers at the Hoover Dam – all I could think of was “The Wizard of Oz”….”half you go this way, half you go that way!”

We hadn’t given Vegas much thought as it was towards the end of the trip and we were so caught up with just getting out west that when we pulled in to the big bright city (at night, which was fun) we almost didn’t know what to do! We decided it was our night to splurge on a hotel…and we checked in to the Venetian! It was BEAUTIFUL. Extra fun since we spent part of our honeymoon in Venice itself.

The perk to traveling with your whole wardrobe is that when you make a last minute stop at a really nice place you can pull a dress and a pair of heels out of your trunk – which is exactly what I did!

The next day we walked around town and saw the fountain show at The Bellagio (am I the only one who cried at that? Maybe it was the emotional music or the well timed water dance or the big life change I was making…but it reminded me of how much beauty and art in such different forms there is in the world. But seriously, if you’ve cried watching it, please let me know.)

We had a hard time leaving Vegas – partly because it was a beautiful day, partly because it was almost the end of the trip, and partly because we just didn’t want to be in the car again! But we eventually got back on the highway and made it to our final destination…Los Angeles!

We had SUCH an amazing time on our adventure and although we were EXHAUSTED, we were sad to see it end. I was even more sad to see Nick fly back to Philadelphia for a while.

But I have arrived, Los Angeles, and I am ready for the next adventure!

(Special Thanks to Jim for the use of your amazing camera!)