A few people have commented that there’s too much business and not enough fun here on my blog…

So here’s some fun things I’ve been up to!

Goofing off with my siblings

Sometimes when I travel Ibanez likes to travel too. This time she went abroad.

Okay they’re boarding my flight – bye for now!

“Where Are You Now” Contest!

In honor of my frequent travel and upcoming move, I am launching the “Where Are You Now” contest!

Since I’m always posting pictures of the various places I visit along my musical travels, I want to see where YOU are!

“So what do you mean by contest?” you ask?

Well, a few friends and fans have sent along photos of them wearing their Mary Scholz shirts in various places -so I want to see who can come up with the best MS shirt photos! Prizes will be given out for the most outrageous locations, for the MOST photos of one person (in different places, of course), and more as I see fit!
Prizes will include free music, show tickets, free t-shirts (as in whenever the new design comes out!) and more!

“What do I need to do to enter?”

All you need is to purchase a Mary Scholz t-shirt and you’re ready to go! Once you have photos for me, send them my way via email at

Please keep in mind that these pictures will be posted to keep it clean, people!

“Where do I get a t-shirt?”

Just visit

Good luck and have fun! Be creative! I can’t wait to see your photos!

Brett in the blue shirt at a Braves Game!

So tell me about yourself… ;)

So I do a lot of talking about me on here – but I want to know about the people who are reading my blog – and the people who are listening to my music.

Remember those fun poll emails that went around via email when we all first set up our email addresses? This is sort of a short version of that 🙂

What I’d love to know about YOU:

Where does this blog find you? (Hometown)

Where do you find this blog? (rss reader, computer? Did you see about it on facebook, twitter?)

What’s your favorite color?

What’s your all time favorite band?

All time favorite solo artist?

Favorite song?

Favorite Mary Scholz tune?

What song would you most like to hear me cover?

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

What would you like to hear/see more of on this blog?

Can’t wait to read your answers!

Nashville and the Drive…

So last I checked in I was in snowy Nashville – where I had to clean off my car every day but the last one there! Thankfully, it didn’t keep things from happening in the music city and I got to meet a lot of great people and hear a lot of great music.  I even got to play a bit and was offered a showcase spot the next time I’m in town!

On my last afternoon there I decided it would be a fun night so I headed over to the Country Music Hall of Fame and got there just over an hour before they closed (giving me the discounted price too – plenty of time and less money? I’ll take it!)

Country Music Hall of Fame Sun

Elvis' Golden Piano!

Sorry for the haphazard photo layout – I’m still figuring this new blog out!

New Years, Philly Style…

Bye bye 2010, Hello 2011!

Nick and I spent the last night of the year hopping between a couple of different parties to try to get the most out of our night! It was a great night and we followed up by spending part of the next day at the Mummer’s Parade – a Philadelphia tradition!

It was the 111th Annual Parade, on 1-1-11!

The blue in my hair matches the blue of my shirt...


My date for the evening! (And life, of course) 🙂

"I'll give you stars and the moon..."

"I'll give you stars and the moon..."


City Hall/UArts!