A Mournful Noise

When I wrote “A Mournful Noise” in 2012, I was writing to find the vibe I wanted for my album.

I was writing an emotion without words.
I had moved in with my best friend and was going through my divorce.
I was feeling hopeful about new beginnings, but was overcome with sadness about what had passed.
I was alone.
I didn’t have much fancy equipment.
I set up my computer and microphone in my living room and recorded guitar and vocals.

I tried to re-create in the studio then for the intro to the record, but it didn’t sound the same.

And so I decided to use the original demo. It’s raw, simple, and meant to set the tone.
The tone of the song comes back in to play for “One More Day,” and it’s rawness is reflected in “Walk Away,” which is not even a demo – just a steam-of-conscience song I wrote while sitting in my nearly-empty-apartment upon moving to Los Angeles.

The video for “A Mournful Noise” is simply meant to convey the same feelings.
Waiting. Wondering. Mourning. Sitting in solitude.
The moments before you choose.
The moments after when you know what comes with the choice.


It was filmed in a similar manner to that which it was recorded.
While on tour this summer, I had a day off in St. Louis.
I decided to take some test shots in the beautiful home I was staying in.
I didn’t have any fancy equipment or any crew members.
I didn’t wear any makeup, I didn’t asses how I looked.
I had just woken up and worked out and was sweaty and road weary.
I was alone.
I was tired.
I had been in so many cities in various countries, in homes that weren’t my own.
I was happy in my travels and music making, but was ready to feel at home.

I liked the test shots. They were simple. It was raw. The backlight was beautiful.

So here it is. Just a feeling.

Hello, Love.

I’m currently sitting at a table on the sidewalk, outside of a coffee shop by the beach.
Hello, Love. Hello, California.

I knew how much I loved it here, and I knew I missed it badly, but it sure is reinforcement to come home and feel a rush of relief.

The past 8 months were amazing. I spent time with my family. I was there for my nephew’s first birthday. I saw my best friends from forever. I sang to college kids around the tri-state area. I flew to Europe. I played shows and saw amazing architecture and stayed with old friends I hardly knew and learned that I love, I met new folks and made new friends. I played in three countries new to Mary Scholz Music. I spent a time recording in London. I wrote every day. I drank lots of coffee and espressos. I ate baguettes and brown bread. I had yet another (but my first overseas) solo adventure. I spent Easter at Notre Dame with a woman I met in front of Buckingham Palace the week prior and became instantly friends with. I took trains and buses and metros and taxis. I ate crepes and biscuits. I slept on couches and in hotel rooms and at bed and breakfasts and in hostels. I carried my guitar and that giant suitcase and witnessed the kindness of strangers every time I reached a metro platform that only had a ridiculous set of stairs. I witnessed the darkness of strangers in harassment and heckling. But mostly, I witnessed the kindness. (That blog is coming)

I flew back to Philly and I was grateful for my time overseas, and grateful to go sleep at my parents’ home. I was there when one of my best friends had her third daughter.

I packed up my car. I drove from city to city, playing shows, being chased by the rain. Everywhere. I stayed with cousins and friends-of-friends and family-of-friends and perfect strangers and my closest friends from college. I camped and hiked and sang and danced. I slept on couches and futons and in spare rooms and tents and bed and breakfasts. I survived/loved fun shenanigans with Sarah, when our tours (purposefully) crossed paths and merged into one in the 5th week. I warded off anxiety attacks about being gone for so long and not having my own home base. I met so many wonderful people and shared stories and listened to their dream travel destinations. I drove 12 hour days and 10 hour days and played shows after them and pretended like I wasn’t exhausted. I loved everywhere that I was while I was there.


I nearly ended up in that fire on the 15S, but I didn’t. I got home.

I haven’t been able to write much since my arrival – I think I’m just in a general state of relief and exhaustion. It’s the first time in YEARS that I don’t have the next 6-10 months planned out in full. (Don’t worry, I’ve got a few things planned – it’s just impossible to have an open calendar if you’re this gal) *side note, I’ve started a new song since starting this blog*

My main point is this – I am so grateful to every individual I have met and come to know in some way over the past 8 months. You’re beautiful. All of you. Thank you for sharing your homes, literal and figurative, with me. And Los Angeles – thank you for catching me when I landed.
It would never be what it is without the wonderful souls I meet, or the wonderful souls holding down the home front for me.

I’m going to go sit on the beach now.

Europe in a thank you


Wait, that’s over already?! I owe you a solid blog about each country I visited – and I’ll get there, I promise! But for now, let’s just say it was an amazing journey and I’m so grateful to every person who lent me their couch, showed me around their town, or came to a show. More on everything soon!

Rock On Philly Mag Premiere’s “Run Baby, Run”

Rock On Philly

Watch: Mary Scholz premieres her new video for “Run Baby, Run”

By  on February 19, 2015@jenniferlogue


Featured Image courtesy of the Artist

Singer/Songwriter Mary Scholz, who has Philly roots but is currently based in LA, is premiering her latest video, “Run Baby, Run,” on Rock On Philly.

The song and video explore the theme of  running forward towards your own happiness, whether it be pursuing a dream or just creating the life you desire for yourself. It’s told from the perspective of a person who has been given such advice as, “don’t ever wait until tomorrow for your time in the sun,” and is now passing those words back to that same friend, who also needs a reminder.

The video also follows the journey of the creation of the album The Girl You Thought You Knew-from the studio, to its release and its subsequent 2014 US release tour.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think! Also, be sure to check out “Run Baby, Run” in ourOfficial Love Run playlist here.



Holy cow, 2014. What an insanely busy, wonderfully exhausting year you were.

Album release, spring tour, fall tour, music videos, Susan G Komen fundraisers, HMMA nominations, radio interviews, album reviews, magazine interviews…and 19,650 miles of driving to get there. I’m tired just thinking about it!

It wouldn’t have been the year it was without my amazing friends and family – each concert attendee, each album reviewer, each venue booker, each host in each city, my spring tour mate and adventure partner Sarah Ault (I love you, lady!), my publicist Jorey Blake, each musician that joined me on stage (Sean, Jaydon, Brandon, Chris, Demetri, Hilary, Erin, Sarah, Sara, Phoebe, Kyle, David, John, Harold, Kubby, Sander, Paul), Elyse for lending me her keyboard, road buddies Alexandra, Mike and Ian, each photographer, radio station, music video participant/editor/filmmaker/crew (Jason, Jordan, V, Jessica, Sean, Chelsea, Matt), car repair shop and everyone I met along the way. You are the people that make it possible for an indie musician like me to have a year like I did.

I am so grateful for you all.


Special thank you to everyone who watched and fed my kittens (Chelsea, Tommy, Sheridan, Sarah N, Sarah A, and most especially Kevin!!) and to Alexandra for sharing the huge drive and cat wrangling with me from sea to shining sea.



Pinktober – Hard Rock Cafe Seattle

Recap: Hard Rock Cafe Seattle Hosts PINKTOBER To Benefit Susan G. Komen Puget Sound

 November 10th, 2014

The Hard Rock Cafe Seattle celebrated fifteen years of their PINKTOBER campaign during the month of October.  Throughout the month, they hosted live bands led by female vocalists, with a portion of all music ticket sales benefiting Susan G. Komen of Puget Sound.

Mary Scholz (Photo Credit: GeorgieCat Productions)

Mary Scholz (Photo Credit: GeorgieCat Productions)

The mission of Komen of Puget Sound is to fight breast cancer and save lives in Western Washington, and ultimately find a cure for the disease.  The local chapter is the sixth largest among 119 Komen Affiliates working in communities across the country and has invested over $28.6 million over the last 20 years to fund free breast cancer screenings and patient support for low income and underserved women in our community. Since its inception in 1994, over $9.5 million into medical research to find a cure for breast cancer.

I recently attended a show featuring Mary Scholz and the band, Chasing Jane.  Mary, a multi-talented artist based in Los Angeles, sang her beautiful songs while playing a guitar and a keyboard along with her band.  In addition to performing at the Hard Rock Seattle PINKTOBER, she also sang at the Hard Rock Denver event. Seattleites Chelsi Marie and DaLona Foster and their band, Chasing Jane, took the stage after Mary’s set.  With my sister recently being diagnosed with breast cancer,  one of their songs hit me, with lyrics, “…when the world crashes down, look into my eyes, everything’s gonna be alright…”  The lyrics gave me some hope that my sister is going battle her way through treatments and beat cancer!   I had the opportunity to ask Mary and Chelsi a few questions after the show.

What does PINKTOBER and partnering with Hard Rock and Komen for the Cure mean to you?

Mary: I was so glad to be able to be a part of these PINKTOBER shows with the Hard Rock Cafe and help raise money for Komen for the Cure. When they mentioned that they were planning to feature female acts to raise money for Susan G Komen, I was all in. It’s been a running theme for me recently, putting a spotlight on the strength of women who are battling various issues or illnesses in their daily lives, and this was right in line with that. There are so many inspiring women who have battled or are battling breast cancer, and participating in this fundraiser is my way of saying “you keep fighting your fight and we will keep fighting to find the cure.”

(Photo Credit: GeorgieCat Productions)

(Photo Credit: GeorgieCat Productions)

Chelsi: It was a special event. Several of our band members brought people with Cancer. My friend Lisa Quinlan who recently survived a bout with breast cancer was at the event and I know it touched her. I think any opportunity to raise awareness, funds, and hope, is necessary. Playing positive music, that has deep roots, for people who have been through something, is what art and music is about at its core. And, our band enjoyed an excuse to wear way to much Pink live

Why is giving back important to you?

Mary: Being an indie artist, I often rely on the generosity of others, and so I look for any opportunity that I can to give back. Especially when it comes to charities and people in need – if I’m available, I’m there. It’s important to me that we all take care of each other.

Chelsi: Giving back is important to me, and multiple members of our band, because we all have known someone who has had cancer. It’s a life stealer, a joy killer, a thief. But we can take back broken pieces, rearrange them, call it music, and inspire healing, research, and HOPE! We hope that’s what we were able to do partnering with the Hard Rock Cafe Seattle for this event.

During the show, the Hard Rock Seattle staff served me one of their pink margaritas, a Red Berry Press fruit cocktail (the bartender brought out fresh raspberries to infuse in my drink) and a red velvet cake complete with a pink ribbon in the frosting to support Komen Puget Sound.  The drinks were the perfect, sweet accompaniment to a fantastic evening of music and charity.  I had a chance to ask Andy Robinson, the sales and marketing manager for the Hard Rock a few questions.

What does PINKTOBER and partnering with Komen Puget Sound mean to you? Partnering with Komen Puget Sound was a natural fit because they have invested more than $28.6 million to fund breast cancer screening and patient treatment support in Western Washington. To be able to support an organization that is having a dynamic impact locally is quite incredible.

How much have you been able to raise so far for Komen Puget Sound through PINKTOBER? To date Hard Rock Cafe Seattle has raised more than $2,200 this October for Komen Puget Sound. Nationally, PINKTOBER raises thousands of dollars for various breast cancer research charities.

Chasing Jane (Photo Credit: Lesley Haenny)

Chasing Jane (Photo Credit: Lesley Haenny)

Are there other charities that you give back to? Hard Rock Cafe Seattle’s goal is to foster a few intimate relationships with charities and grow those connections throughout the year. In addition to our local Komen partnership, nationally, the other partnership we focus on is WhyHunger, through the IMAGINE There’s No Hunger campaign. To date, IMAGINE has helped communities grow enough food to provide more than 9.7 million nutritious meals to children and supported programs that taught more than 27,600 community members techniques for sustained food production. This year, IMAGINE is aiming to hit a program milestone of 10 million meals locally produced and served. From November 3rd through December 31st 2014, a portion of the retail price from the sale of Hard Rock’s limited-edition IMAGINE merchandise will directly benefit WhyHunger and its fight against childhood hunger and poverty.


– See more at: http://askmissa.com/2014/11/10/recap-hard-rock-cafe-seattle-hosts-pinktober-to-benefit-susan-g-komen-puget-sound/#sthash.7ca17iEj.dpuf

Western US tour, HMMAs

Well, tonight’s the night for “Bridges We Burn” at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards!

I just got back from a fantastic three week tour of the Western United States – covered 4,475.2 miles of our beautiful country, sang for folks at bars, restaurants, coffee houses, listening rooms, radio stations, and the fantastic Hard Rock Cafe(s). It was an honor to be a part of the Pinktober fundraisers for Susan G Komen both in Denver and Seattle.


Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows, and all of my wonderful venues and sound people for having me!

Up next is LA at Bar Lubitsch, then San Diego at Lestat’s West, then off to the east coast to sing at West Chester University! But tonight…I’ll be posting photos from the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. 🙂



Fall Tour and Tonight’s ALS Fundraiser

Well, tonight is the official kick off of my fall tour!


It starts here in LA at a very special event at the Mint. (on Pico!)

My friend Amy Paffrath has been putting a ton of time and effort into her (5th?) year of Team Packrats, raising money for the Los Angeles Walk to Defeat ALS. I’m honored to be a part of this year’s event, a night of duets! I’ll be singing with Taryn Southern and Tina Vonn and bringing in some special guests of my own (you know I love to duet with Sarah Ault and Sean Keegan). If you’re in LA tonight, please come by the Mint for a wonderful event!

Tickets can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/duets-for-als-tickets-13164047019


After that, I hit the road for my fall tour – please come out and see me as I perform at various venues around the west-ish coast. This tour includes two Pinktober! events for the hard Rock Cafe, featuring female artists and benefiting the Susan G Komen Foundation.

Make sure to find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the tour! See y’all on the road! (Full tour date info on the TOUR page!)