Nashville and the Drive…

So last I checked in I was in snowy Nashville – where I had to clean off my car every day but the last one there! Thankfully, it didn’t keep things from happening in the music city and I got to meet a lot of great people and hear a lot of great music.  I even got to play a bit and was offered a showcase spot the next time I’m in town!

On my last afternoon there I decided it would be a fun night so I headed over to the Country Music Hall of Fame and got there just over an hour before they closed (giving me the discounted price too – plenty of time and less money? I’ll take it!)

Country Music Hall of Fame Sun

Elvis' Golden Piano!

Sorry for the haphazard photo layout – I’m still figuring this new blog out!

Snowy Tour

If we named snow storms the way we name hurricanes, I’d call it ? and say that ? is stalking me.
(Holding a contest to name this snowstorm – give me a name and a reason why!! Just leave a comment!)

I left on the 6th for Pittsburgh and about halfway up the turnpike it started to snow.  I have seen nothing but snow since!

I love when you can see the full circle of the sun due to clouds

On Friday morning I awoke to a definite snowfall in Pittsburgh. It had continued into the morning so I got my workout for the day cleaning off the car and getting it travel ready again. Then I hit the road for the 6 hour drive to Louisville which not only took 9, but was almost constant snowfall!


Friday morning - clean off the car #1

FINALLY made it to Nashville!

My first morning in Nashville, I woke up to…wait for it…snow. I had to clean off my car yesterday morning AND this morning – and it’s still snowing here! I hear it will be snowing in Atlanta and NC as well…I’m telling you if it follows me to Los Angeles in February….

Nashville Snow

Whatcha gonna do?

Yesterday was the showcase and then I was off to the BlueBird Cafe open mic – but they were closed due to the weather!! 🙁

I definitely regret not bringing my snowboots…but I’ve learned that I have a tough pair of cowboy boots!

New Years, Philly Style…

Bye bye 2010, Hello 2011!

Nick and I spent the last night of the year hopping between a couple of different parties to try to get the most out of our night! It was a great night and we followed up by spending part of the next day at the Mummer’s Parade – a Philadelphia tradition!

It was the 111th Annual Parade, on 1-1-11!

The blue in my hair matches the blue of my shirt...


My date for the evening! (And life, of course) 🙂

"I'll give you stars and the moon..."

"I'll give you stars and the moon..."


City Hall/UArts!