June and July…

Well well well…what a busy July it’s been! I hope you all had a chance to read up on my cross country trip! As I was getting settled in LA I wanted to give myself some time to actually have something to blog about besides “I unpacked some boxes today” and “I bought new towels for the bathroom!”

I in fact did those things and a lot more of the same type of “getting settled” activities. I’ve also been going to see a lot of great musicians perform and getting to know some of the town’s fabulously talented singer/songwriters. My time has also been filled with songwriting sessions, audition workshops and networking events. Making myself busy busy busy!

At the beginning of July I flew home to be there for one of my best friends as she got married (what a BEAUTIFUL bride she was!) and then back to Cali for a gig at Pi on Sunset and some background work for CSI: NY.

Here are a few pictures from my more recent adventures!

Driving through Downtown LA

Volunteering for the NOH8 Campaign

At Paramount Studios to film Episode 1 of the new season of “CSI: NY”

Show at “Pi on Susnet”

Filming Episode 2 of this season’s “CSI: Miami”

So I guess it’s time to say “Happy August!” I can’t believe the summer is flying by! (Don’t we say that every year?) I will let you know when those episodes of CSI air…and I’ll post photos from the set of “Good Christian Belles,” which I’ll be on tomorrow!

Have a great week!