‘Hide’ – Video Shoot Day 2

So while I was back east for my birthday and my amazing photographer’s wedding, we did the second day of shooting for the “Hide” music video!

These scenes involve the forrest and me barefoot in a long dress – I loved every minute of it. Even if the ground was muddy and there were rocks everywhere 🙂

Jonathan Rola is back directing this video with Michael Leary as Director of Photography. I love working with that team. This shoot we also had Sam there helping out and lending me a hand any time I needed help getting down a slippery slope – or throwing me over his shoulder to lift me down from a dangerous ledge!

We filmed off of Forbidden Drive in Wissahickon Valley Park – it was beautifully overcast with occasional rays of sunshine – so basically perfect for the look we were hoping to achieve.

Here are some photos from the day! (Click on the word “Hide” to listen to the song!)