Grammy Week 2012!

Well, Grammy week 2012 has come and gone and left me completely exhausted! As you can guess it’s a big week in music here in LA – tons of networking events that have you dressing up, running around and meeting a million people. I kind of loved it 🙂


Here are a few photos from the week! I had the opportunity to attend the Planet LA/ VH1 Save the Music Foundation Pre-Grammy Party on Thursday, the Renaissance/HMMA Pre-Party Saturday and the Rolling Stone After Party on Sunday!


As for the actual award ceremony, I’m making my way there, I’m making my way…


Loved all of Adele’s wins – she is amazingly talented and her album is equally amazing.

SO sad about Whitney Houston… she is a musical icon and I will always associate her and a couple of other beautiful women singers with the beginning of my love of song. I’ll get into that in another blog…




Rolling Stone Grammy After Party!