My Life Under the Covers: “Baby, Baby” by Amy Grant

My Life Under the Covers

By Mary Scholz


Song One:

Baby, Baby by Amy Grant

It’s hard to say when my affection for Amy Grant music started – as long as I can remember I was singing along with her. In the car, on my tape deck (yeah tape deck!), with my Mom and most specifically with my cousins Joe and Mary Liz and my Aunt Maureen.


I can remember riding in the back seat of my aunt’s station wagon, headed past a big green grassy field somewhere in Delaware on a hot summer day, headed for the yard sales we had found and circled in the newspaper.  I’m not sure how old I was, but it was right after Amy’s “House of Love” album came out and we were singing along with THAT tape. If I close my eyes I can still feel the warm wind whipping past my hair through the windows as we sang along.  I may still have the empty Coke-a-Cola bottle that was painted all different colors – my big find at the yard sales that day.


“Baby Baby” was released as a single on January 18, 1991 , putting me in the first grade.  The album name was “Heart in Motion” – by far my favorite Amy Grant album. (That and “A Christmas Album,” released in 1983…pre-Mary!) “Heart in Motion” was released in March of ’91 and went on to sell five million copies by the end of ’97. It was Amy’s first non-Christian album (although it did see those themes occasionally throughout). I recently purchased it on vinyl – you could say I was semi excited to find it hiding in the heavy metal section of a record store in Havre de Grace, Maryland.


There are so many songs on that album that I love, but I chose “Baby Baby” because it was the first song I heard off of the album that would eventually become one of my all time favorites.


I had the opportunity to see Amy in concert a few years ago – and by that I mean my Mom and Dad took me for Christmas J – she was phenomenal.  It was the anniversary tour for “Lead Me On,” the album that preceded “Heart in Motion,” so they didn’t play any of my very favorite tunes….but her encore was “Tennessee Christmas” off of “A Christmas Album,” so I was pretty darn pleased about that.


I used to love watching Amy in interviews – I most specifically remember her being on Oprah alongside Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston (two other musical influences of my childhood) and talking about how she didn’t feel she belonged up on stage next to these two huge voices. But it was something about the subtlety of her voice that was so appealing to me. You could just feel her through it.  And I remember singing along and feeling like I could feel my own emotion in it. Back in the purest, “I sing in front of the mirror because I can’t get enough of it” days.