Christmas – Coming Home, “Naughty or Nice,” and fan submitted photos

Well it’s been a busy few weeks! But let’s start with this: I am SO excited to get back home to Philadelphia for Christmas!


I know a lot of people who are far from home most of the year and are excited to be traveling back to their families and where they grew up over the holidays…so this song is for all of the gypsies headed home, and all of the amazing people that I can’t wait to hug! I put together this acoustic version of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” as my gift to you, so make sure to download it (free) and add it to your holiday playlist!

I also put together a little video to go with the song, so if you are interested to see how the Scholz’s celebrate Christmas, here’s a little taste. Plus you get to see me recording the song as well 🙂

“Naughty or Nice”


Who caught “Naughty or Nice” on the Hallmark Channel? It’s original air date was November 24th but it will be airing all holiday season, so if you missed it, check your local listings to see when it’s back!


According to their numbers, “Naughty or Nice” was the highest rated movie of the year for Hallmark – so I’m pretty excited to have been a part of that!

My first time watching was at the same time as all of you (west coasters) so I got some friends together and cozied up with milk and cookies (chocolate chip, of course) to kick off the holiday season.


Fan Submitted Photos:


Thank you to everyone who sent in photos – both of me on their tvs or them with me on their tvs!

Here are some of my favorites!

Anna and Lucas – some of my smallest and most adorable fans!

I’m on the big screen in Hermosa Beach! Thanks to Matt and Bryan for sending this one in!

Jimmy, Mary and Hilarie…and a Christmas tree!

My Mama and the Movie Poster!

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