Mary and Her 2s…

Some of you may notice that in my posts on Facebook, Twitter or instagram, I will incorporate things about the number 2 or 22.


The reason for this is that I have found that through my life, 2 and 22 continue to appear. The second child born to my parents on the 22nd of September while they were living in their 2nd home. Named after 2 Grandmothers, both Mary. When I moved to my 2nd residence here in Los Angeles, the 2nd major city I’ve lived in, I wound up in an apartment on the 2nd floor of a building where they assigned me parking spot #22.


There’s more, but I won’t go on. Maybe it shows up because I’ve begun to take notice and so I just happen to see it because I’m aware. But I only started taking notice because it was there. And so the number 2 (and 22) is special to me.


For those that know me personally, or have been to one of my shows over the past 2 years (yes, 2), you have heard about my “Kodak922” photo.

Back story on the name: when I was in high school, I loved to take photos (not so different from now). It was a hobby I picked up from my Mom, who was always documenting family occasions. I love taking photos of people and events – capturing laughter, sideways looks, quiet moments and silliness. It further developed into a love of taking photos of the beautiful things I see everywhere. It is important to me to LOOK UP and take notice of how wonderful the world really is around me.


ANYWAY, in high school, I was the one my friends knew to count on for photos from events. They complained about me snapping shots, but let’s face it – I knew they’d be glad to have the pictures. And they always were. 😉


And so they deemed me “Kodak.” One of the few nicknames I’ve had in my life. So when I got my first email address (no, I didn’t have email until freshman year of high school) I used kodak922 and it’s kind of been my thing since. (Even my class ring, rather than opting for a music note on the side or some representation of band, theatre or chorus, I went with the camera.)


2 years ago I met a musician at NAMM (Tristan of Native June) who was doing a “photo-a-day” and trying to get others to do the same. I jumped on board but changed it up to better fit myself, and my reasons for participating were immediately obvious to me. I was in the thick of a really difficult period of my life, and I spent a lot of my time in a very stressful, upset fog. It was draining, emotionally and physically, and somehow taking these photos was a sign of hope for me.


So I changed it. Not one photo but 2. At 9:22pm, every day, my alarm goes off. I take a photo of exactly what I am looking at when I hear the alarm, and then turn the camera on myself and take a picture of me. The goal for the first year was a hope that by the end of the year, the look on my face would have changed. That I would be noticeably happier. Calmer. That even if things were still hard and stressful, that I could look back and see just how much progress I’ve really made, and to know that in another year’s time, I would be further along yet. Sometimes it’s hard to realize how much better things have gotten when they are still a struggle.


I also do it as something just for me. I share so much of my life on social media, which is a wonderful way to connect with my audience. But it’s nice to have something just for myself. Of course, it has come to incorporate so many of the people that I spend my time with, that there’s always a curiosity from friends of the outcome of the first year and the continuation into the 2nd. So I may put an edited, pared down version together to show. Maybe. We’ll see. 🙂

Looking back, it’s good to see the joyful moments. And no surprise to me, there are a lot of beautifully painful ones as well. Well, maybe surprising. Surprising to note that although it was painful, it was beautiful in it’s own way. For what it taught me. There is indeed, beauty in sadness.  The Beauty of It ALL.

So on this 2nd Anniversary of my life as an Angelino, wrapping up the 2nd week of fundraising for my album, 2 days before hitting the studio to start recording…I’m telling you about my 2s.

A look at one of the more intimate, mournful shots in the series.

(About a month after I started, at 9:22pm at the VH1 Save-the-Music Grammy party, I ran into that very same musician, Tristan Hendy…so here is my 9:22 of us from that night)

I’ll leave you with the 9:22 from last night’s rehearsal. I’m so psyched after hearing us play together and can’t wait to get started in the studio. Special thanks to Devon and Chester, pictured here, for their work. Making music with you is going to rock!

Album Fundraiser

Well today’s the day, folks! I’ve launched my IndieGoGo Album Fundraiser – I’m heading into the studio this month and am looking to raise a portion of the costs! You can pre-order the cd, get a limited edition t-shirt, handwritten lyrics and all kinds of other fun stuff. Check it out!

As always, I am beyond grateful for you all and your support. I couldn’t do this without you!! (And guess what … some of you made it into the video!)

Photos by Brian Alan Photography

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