Tour Withdraw

I’m feeling it, folks. I’ve been back in LA for a month now, after three months non-stop of driving and playing, and I officially have tour withdraw. The past few weeks have been filled with getting myself re-situated back in my apartment and trying to find a normal daily/weekly rhythm again. It’s been a strange experience. I truly didn’t expect to feel so strange upon my return!


As you know, I’ve toured plenty over the years – but never for that long of a period of time.

And now that I’m getting my feet back on the ground – I’m missing the road!

I miss the stages and the faces and all of the beautiful connecting going on with music.


I did get some pretty adorable kittens, though.

Dr. Livingston and Seattle – brothers who love each other and are named after two fantastic stops on the tour.

The whole country was amazing and beautiful and a reminder that there is beauty everywhere…

That’s all for now…