While I was updating my tour schedule for 2016, I noticed that my last blog post was NOVEMBER of 2015. What?! It’s been that long since I’ve checked in with this part of my website?


I suppose Instagram feels like a quick little blog.


But it’s no replacement for long form writing and thought.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year so far, and I can’t believe we’re already six months in.

I’ve been cooking up new songs for you…and I can’t wait for you to hear them.

It’s been wonderful to be back in Los Angeles, making home feel like home, and not just somewhere to stop before heading back out again. But don’t worry, I’m coming back to you – a few road shows in August, and I’m sure the rest of the year – but I’ll be working on a new album soon, and then we can sing all sorts of new songs together, okay? I promise.


We kicked off the 922 Collective in January, with a super successful show at El Cid, and a clothing drive that benefitted the Downtown Women’s Center, and the LA Mission. Look for a follow-up show this summer here in Los Angeles, and hopefully one in Philly, as well.


Speaking of summer, on July 14th, I’ll be opening up for Howie Day in Hermosa Beach, CA, at Sainte Rock. Many of you will remember his hit song, “Collide,” which came out right around the time I was first showcasing my own writing at coffee house open mics around the Philly area. Since I associate it with that time in my life, getting to play this show will be a really fun thing for me.


Back in February, I released a new music video for the re-invented “Love Me Still,”  thank you to your collaboration.

I’ve been playing various shows around central and southern California, but have otherwise stayed pretty local. As a great friend recently reminded me, it’s okay to take some time to rejuvenate yourself and your creative being.

(Also released a super simple, single take acoustic 2 song EP, which I performed at Agape International in February…)

Summer dates in CA, PA and OH listed here. Otherwise, see you on the social medias, (instagramfacebooktwitter), until we go into album production!