Internationally touring singer/songwriter Mary Scholz is a live circuit favorite. Touring all over the US, Europe and the UK, the Philadelphia born, Los Angeles based artist is best known for her haunting, lyrical voice, her folk/rock melodies, thoughtful guitar work, and her personal connection to her audience on stage. Much of Scholz’s material addresses transition, with bittersweet melodies and lyrics that speak of the importance of knowing yourself, and the strength it takes to trust your intuition – to always move forward. Her 2014 release, The Girl You Thought You Knew laced folk with pop to walk through the struggles of ending a significant relationship (aka divorce). The record included the HMMA nominated Bridges We Burn. Her newest release, California, is a deeper dive into the more raw, organic side of Scholz’s songwriting, which has garnered her the nickname “Folk Explorer” with musicians in town. The LP was recorded live, in one room, to an Ampex 8 track tape machine, and is her first vinyl pressing. It is about moving forward. Continuing the journey.

A graduate of the University of the Arts, Mary has toured with a message of Love, Strength and Hope (in the “be your own champion” way) for the past eleven years.

“You are your own best compass. Know one can forge your path for you, and no one can see it better than you can. Trust yourself.”



2007 – Philadelphia Nights (EP)
2008 – The Beauty of It All (EP)
2010 – Live at the Blue Light Sessions
2010 – Water Rising (EP)
2014 – The Girl You Thought You Knew (LP)
2016 – Love Me Still (Single)
2016 – Until We Meet Again (Single)
2017 – California (LP)

Other Fun Facts: 

With a BFA in theatre from the University of the Arts, Mary has appeared in film and television, such as the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas film, “Naughty or Nice,” and the cult classic “Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie.”

She has worked on both sides the camera, as talent and production, on the east coast and in Hollywood, and has produced each of her music videos.