*Bridges We Burn – Hollywood Music and Media Award Nominee*

Tours include venues all over the US, England, France and Ireland

 Press Clippings:

Mary Scholz’s vocal soars on ‘Lady Liberty’ as she sings: “Break down the barriers // And tear down that wall // And make good the promise // Of freedom and justice for all.”  It’s direct and open-hearted and all the better for it.  The song is a positive response to the turmoil of 2020, particularly the racial injustices she saw around her.  The song’s message of inclusion is reinforced by the accompanying video, which features the lyrics in sign language.
‘Lady Liberty’ is full of positivity and hope for a better future. 

About California
“I don’t always get chills when I find a new artist, but I absolutely did with Mary Scholz. There’s a purity in her performance that only comes along once in a while. The clarity in the composition is evident, allowing Scholz’s vocal to cut through the sound. It’s romantic and invigorating, truly a treat of a pop folk song.”

“To see Mary Scholz live in concert is to fall in love.  It is not just the flashing dark eyes or the crown of black ringlets or the confident, welcoming body language at the microphone.  It is the voice and the lyrics – the music that flows from the stage and puts its soft hands on your cheeks, kisses your forehead, your ears, your mouth and becomes your lover.  You are taken;  you know this woman and her music and you want to spend the rest of your life listening to her.

Her album, The Girl You Thought You Knew has the same effect. It’s a star-filled Milky Way of music that tightens your stomach, speeds your pulse and captures your heart.  The fifteen songs on this album are each crafted and polished and presented as a love offering in a carefully sequenced order that defines her heart and pierces yours.  This is not an album to play on shuffle;  it s a romance  ready to ripen.

…You are forewarned; this is an emotional journey like no other.  The pace picks up with a blues-rock tempo title song The Girl She Thought You Knew that unreels the story, pushing your love away with  the lyrics, “I’m Sorry baby , but I tried/Sorry for telling you all those lies”.  This girl has been places, not all of them good, and you alternately want to take her in your arms and comfort her and scream back at her in anger.”

– Music Junkie Press

2014/2015 Featured Musician Spokeswoman for the Pixel Project’s “Get Noisy Against Domestic Violence” Campaign

“No artifice, no nervousness, no hesitation – Mary Scholz is in her element on stage. When she turns that wicked-brilliant smile on the room, she can make you and each person in the audience, whether friend of soon-to-be-friend, relax into what seems like a personal relationship.

Her clear, bell-like voice, her confidence on stage, her honest lyrics and her intimate introspection all combined to make her performance a joy.”

– Vents Magazine

2014 Hard Rock Cafe “Pinktober!” Featured Artist – Western US

“Singer/songwriter Mary Scholz has been a staple on the live circuit, performing across the U.S. and internationally for the past seven years. She released three EPs and a live album prior to this, her first full-length release entitled “The Girl You Thought You Knew.” She has honed her skills on the road and has put that experience to good use on this album, beginning with the two-minute harmonizing warm-up of “A Mournful Noise.”

– JP’s Music Blog

Appearances include CBS LA, ABC (Good Day PA), 102.9WMGK, 93.7WSTW, 88.1KDNK, 1520WCHEam and more

“I have been following Mary‘s career since I met her years ago when I worked at Guitar Center. The day she walked in the breath was knocked out of me. She’s just one of those spiritually beautiful people that radiates calm. And I’m sure any of her followers can agree that her videos to her fans are all super positive and kind. And more importantly without TRYING to be that way.

…what I saw last night was magic. It was 100% Flawless. Even the one mess up was handled with such an amazing amount of grace and came off super natural. I want to bottle her energy up and feed it to other artists that fall short.

So while she is a total bad ass, I need to switch my focus to Zachary Ross because I feel him becoming a part her life and adding his sound to her songs has had a tremendous effect. I am IN LOVE with this man. I think I took more pictures of him. His emotional state on stage was every bit as on point as hers, and his playing on top of his guitar tone was heavenly. I’m partial to that fender vibe delay swell thing. And his sound was everything I’ve ever loved about that sort of tone.

From the git go I always thought there was something special about Mary in that talented star quality kind of way. …I don’t know Mary all that well, and I never met Zachary but I’m sure they are the type of people you’d want to find yourself sitting around a firepit with for hours.

Stunning! Congrats Mary on your new album California! And on your partnership with Zachary.”

  • Leeland McCartney, music photographer

“Pennsylvania born, LA based singer/songwriter Mary Scholz is releasing her first full length album today and it’s a gem. Scholz has been compared to the likes of legendary songbird Carole King and it’s easy to see why on songs such as “Bridges We Burn”, with lyrics we can all relate to one way or another: “Where is my life, tell me where did it go; I saw for a moment the way it could shine then I lost all control.”

Rating: Bad-Ass”

That Music Mag

“Mary’s music is a blend of lyric folk and pop/rock with a bittersweet twist that puts her in a category of her own. It’s certainly hard to pigeon hole Mary, as stated. She has a sound that reminds you of Paula Cole, Carole King and Amy Grant, which puts her squarely in the strong woman, singer/songwriter category if you must corral her into a box.

Boasting a beefy 15 tracks, The Girl You Thought You Knew kicks off with the instrumental track A Mournful Noise. From there, Mary Scholz takes her listeners on a journey that swoops from sad, soulful songs to witty, upbeat tracks.

– Indie Minded Magazine

Shared Stages:
Howie Day, Eric Hutchinson, David Ryan Harris, David Poe, Todd Martin, Michelle Lewis, Chris Trapper, Paul Doucette (Matchbox 20)

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“Bridges We Burn” – nominated for a 2014 Hollywood Music and Media Award

“Water Rising” – nominated for a 2012 Homey Award for Best EP and Best Female Artist

“Tennessee” – nominated for a 2011 Hollywood Music and Media Award


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